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I was actually sad that the series was over because I found the last half of the EBK series the most valuable part of the product. I have learned SO many lessons from you, and as result, I've been too busy to report on the success of my business.
– Vina Lustado,Sol Haus Design
You guys did a phenomenal job introducing me to wide range of entrepreneurs in all different fields. I was able to learn a lot from their experiences and implement some of those lessons learned into my business models.
– Mike Malloy,PunchRock
I have redefined myself from a health coach to a Food Allergy and Emotional Eating Consultant. I went from maybe making $200 a week from the cleanse, to making $3,000 in seven days. What a leap!
– Skylor Powell,Sprout Health
On the up side, I've built my business to nearly six figures while working part time. But I want more time to travel. The $100 Startup inspired me to create two of my own info products—which gives me the freedom to see the world as well as build my business.
– Sukie Baxter,Seattle Rolfing Therapy
I do services for business intelligence systems and started my new business in Toronto. My initial investment of $100 has fetched $120,000 in orders, and 2013 looks to reach up to $350,000.
– Basel Tutunji,AvonDX
I was charging $10 per post on my job board and I hiked it up to $39 a few weeks ago. The number of postings has not changed. That's an increase of 400% and people did not budge, they just paid.
– Gabriel Subba,Singapore Part Time Jobs
When I decided to leap from my corporate job six months ago and start my own independent consulting and teaching practice, a friend gave me a copy of The $100 Startup. In those first few weeks, it kept fear at bay so I could grow my business. As of today, I'm in the black with my client book, covering all of my expenses and then some.
– Christa Avampato,Compass Yoga
I've read quite a few books on the topic of micro-businesses, but The $100 Startup is easily the most informative and actionable for the individual, dense with tips and quantitative data. In the end, I might have tried creating my own micro-business eventually, but thanks to The $100 Startup, I'm doing it now.
– Brad Chase,Web App from Scratch
We talked about what we were passionate about and how we can translate that into a self-sustaining successful business. Like a lightning bolt, we both looked at each other and said FOOD! Better yet, how about starting a business that gave walking food and culture tours? We steamrolled through all the business milestones in two months. There was no stopping us.
– Carlo Medina+Geneva Europa,Savor Oakland
I put together the PDFs, got a new site designed, and we were up and running in six days! I told my network of friends and family, and within a week I had more than 100 sales! My previous business put me in the hole $10,000 with nothing to show for it, but I'm proof that people can launch something successful without much money.
– Chris Johnson,ID Theft Pros
Reading this book has inspired me to take action... to translate the long list of ideas I've had over the years for different businesses, prioritize them, and pick the two I really believe in and go for it.
– Eric Zamora,Photographer
I had always wanted to work for myself, but could never figure out where to start. After reading The $100 Startup I realized that I'd become the expert for any questions about Python, a programming language. To judge interest, I launched a Kickstarter project to develop a practical Python course. I ended up receiving over $20,000 from 2,000+ backers in under 20 days.
– Fletcher Heisler,RealPython
Although I am an expert at Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic (VBA) I had never considered my skills to be valuable enough to make money. Fortunately, I was dead wrong! My side-business did so well in the first few months that it became my full-time business.
– Frank Bonetti,Bonetti Consulting
The $100 Startup made me realize there are a lot more people out there pursuing their dreams and taking action to create their own system than I once thought. There are others just like me, meeting their financial needs while also doing what they love and working for themselves.
– James Thomas Garner,Mind Right Media, LLC
I came across an organic product sold in the U.S. that I couldn't get in Australia, so using awesome tips & inspiration from The $100 Startup, I bought a test quantity in bulk, put them online, and promptly sold out within the first 8 hours!
– Rachael Lawson,Rachael's Organics
These monthly lessons gave me not only the motivation to get off my ass and start doing something, but also great tips and hints about how to go about it. Using (for now) a Wordpress blog I've currently attempting "The $0 Startup" having not spent anything at all.
– Todd Valentini,The Lean Corner
I've been wondering for years how to make a living from my area of expertise—long distance (i.e. transcontinental) bicycle travel. The $100 Startup has demonstrated, directly and clearly, how that might be done. I am now working full-time towards introducing an income into the things I'm already passionate about.
– Tom Allen,Tom's Bike Trip
The book helped me in several ways: choosing a business area with high enough demand and low enough competition; copywriting and clear service definition ("We help entrepreneurs and business owners build great ecommerce websites on Shopify"—this slogan on my homepage came directly from the book's suggestion), and the importance of partnership agreements.
– Tristan King,Shopify Ninjas

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