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What Isn’t Working

Maybe you’re already self-employed, earning your living through your own efforts. Freedom and independence are your game, and you hate the idea of “working for the man.” Congratulations!

Or maybe you have a day job, but yearn to start something on the side to bring in additional income. You understand that the world is changing, with more and more people becoming self-employed, and you like the idea of creating your own security.

Either way, most new business owners struggle with two interconnected problems: they don’t make the right products, and they don’t connect with the right people.

Many budding entrepreneurs, and even a few successful ones, have stumbled upon these problems. Many people simply give up, believing that they don’t have what it takes.

For every new business that succeeds, many others fail completely or never truly get off the ground. What separates the successful from the ordinary?

Thankfully, there’s a proven path you can follow to solve these problems. It’s not about manifesting money or playing a game where someone else determines the rules. Instead, it’s about creating something truly valuable—and reaching more people with your offers.

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